Reliable, Clean, & Comfortable Testing Lab

Envision Healthcare Services LLC provides comprehensive and cost-effective testing and wellness solutions for individuals, families, and businesses. We promise to provide state-of-the-art technology with fast solutions including COVID-19 Testing, Drug, Lab Tests, Legal, Wellness, Background Screening, DNA, and DOT

What makes us different is our wide range of services, clean facilities, professional certified technicians and fast turnaround time. In most cases a client will be in-and-out within 15 minutes and same-day results on several drug & alcohol tests. Not only do we provide clean and comfortable facilities, but our friendly and knowledgeable staff is also here to help! If you’re unsure of what kind of testing services best meet your needs or need some clarification on the specific testing service you’ll be receiving, our staff will answer any questions you have and run your tests with integrity and accuracy!

Certified Technicians

All Envision Healthcare Services technicians are certified and trained in accordance with 49CFR Part 40 (Part 40), Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs. The federal requirements of Part 40 ensure best practices and establish standards for technicians within the industry. We bring the highest standards of training to Bluestar Diagnostics and its client base with certified Medical Assistants/Phlebotomy certified in vaccine administration.

Lab Testing Services

Whether looking for personal DNA testing to understand your ancestry or corporate drug testing to ensure a safe work environment, Envision Healthcare Services LLC can help! We’re proud to offer the following testing services.

Drug Testing

EHS is your trusted partner for comprehensive drug testing services. We offer comprehensive DOT and non-DOT drug testing services. Our experienced team delivers swift results, empowering you to make informed decisions with peace of mind…Learn More

DNA Testing

EHS is your trusted partner for cutting-edge DNA testing services. Our team utilizes advanced technology to provide accurate and confidential DNA analysis…Learn More

Alcohol Testing

EHS is your trusted partner for alcohol testing solutions. Our expert team ensures accurate and confidential testing, promoting safety and wellness. Count on us for reliable results and compassionate service….Learn More

COVID-19 Testing

Regular COVID testing benefits include early detection, reduced transmission, and effective containment….Learn More


Blood Draws

Envision Healthcare Services LLC provides confidential laboratory/blood analyzed testing services for medical and personal testing purposes including wellness/health, STD, hormone and other testing for prevention and early detection of diseases.

Occupational Health Screening & Testing

We provide convenient and time-saving occupational health services for employers in South Carolina.

We provide 24-hour mobile services. All services after business hours must be scheduled. We respond to calls for DNA testing at hospital NICU units to determine the paternity status of newborn babies and funeral homes to determine the paternity of the deceased for property entitlements and social security benefits. We respond to businesses for drug testing and various testing services. We can come to the office for the busy executive, to the home if someone cannot take the trip to the lab, or to the Assisted Living facility.

  • Walk-ins Welcome!
  • In-and-Out in about 15 minutes
  • We do not close for lunch
  • Weekends: By Appointment
  • Holidays: By Appointment
  • Court Admissible Results
  • Random Testing Programs
  • Group Testing
  • The same-day results on many tests
  • On-Site and Mobile Testing Available


You can schedule your test or service online, call us or walk-Ins are welcome.