We handle statistical reporting to the DOT, partner companies and client offices. Your testing data is tracked quarterly and can be automatically submitted wherever you need it.

EHS provides test records, statistical data reports and other items requested by auditors or inspectors.

EHS automatically provides your program information to these agencies on a daily, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

EHS provides informational material for employees and supervisors. Our informative educational materials are available in English or Spanish

DOT requires one hour of drug training and one hour of alcohol training for supervisors. Our training course empowers your staff to recognize the signs and symptoms of controlled substance and alcohol misuse. Supervisors can access the training and documents at any time.

EHS coordinates follow-up schedules established by the SAP

We manage all recordkeeping in compliance with DOT regulations and company policies. All electronic records are stored securely and confidentially

Numerous internal checks and balances help ensure your data is correct and compliant.

We provide Designated Employee Representative (DER) training information and host bi-annual client seminars.

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