Envision Services

What We Do?

Envision Healthcare Services LLC serves children, adults, families, and employers throughout South Carolina. We strive to provide hope, health, and healing for all individuals. Our comprehensive services and programs are designed to give hope to South Carolina’s families by providing counseling services, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), and foster care services. The skills, knowledge and experiences of our staff are the cornerstone to providing a safe and effective service to the individuals we serve.

Envision Healthcare Services is a CLIA Waived Lab and provides services that are vital across several sectors, extending to credible information that helps recruitment, employers and government agencies make their decision.

How Can We Help?

Therapy Services

We have a team of experienced professionals that work with you and your support system to develop an individualized treatment plan that empowers you in being successful in your recovery. We provide office-based, school-based, and home-based assessments, diagnosis, and continued individual, family, and group therapy sessions. We accept most Insurances and Private Pay.  Read More

Foster Care

We are dedicated to providing an atmosphere where individuals are able to maintain optimum levels of physical and mental ability while being assisted with dignity in a secure setting. We aim to recruit and retain stable, nurturing, and diverse foster families to keep children safe from further trauma and assist them in their transition to permanency  Read More


Our services are tailored for traditional passengers, seniors, and people with limited mobility in need of reliable transportation. We specialize in providing passengers with a comfortable, efficient, and personalized experience. We accept Private Pay. Read More

Business Services

We can accommodate your business needs and save you time and money with our full services.

Wellness & Lab Services

Envision Healthcare Services LLC provides confidential laboratory/blood-analyzed testing services for medical and personal testing purposes including wellness/health, STD, hormone, and other testing for prevention and early detection of diseases.

Body Contouring Services

We offer non-invasive procedures for both women and men looking for a younger, slimmer appearance using the most advanced technology.

We Are Here to Help!

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Our Values

Provide an array of services designed to respond to individual and community needs. Create the organizational structure and community awareness that supports the delivery of services.

Unrelenting dedication to providing services of highest quality.

Recognize and value the diversity of our community by creating programs and services that include all individuals.

Provide programs that exceed community standards for the services delivered.

Provide creative solutions to emerging community needs. Develop innovative improvements to processes, operating environment and quality of delivered services.

Honor the differences, choices, contributions, and partnerships in the community. Respond with integrity and empathy in all relationships

Respond to the needs of the community with an array of services designed to improve the quality of life for individuals and strengthen community ties