Our NEMT Services


Our services are tailored for traditional passengers, seniors, and people with limited mobility in need of reliable transportation. We specialize in providing passengers with a comfortable, efficient, and personalized experience. All Envision Healthcare Services drivers are certified in First Aid and CPR; highly trained in passenger assistance techniques and all must pass a stringent background check to ensure your comfort and peace of mind while riding with us. Our drivers operate with the highest professionalism, arriving in uniforms, ID badges, and marked vehicles.

We are passionate about providing quality non-emergency medical services in the state of South Carolina. We take pride in transporting you and your loved ones to appointments safely and on time.

We work with local medical facilities, brokers, insurance companies, and schools that rely on us to transport their clients daily to their destinations.

We offer after-hours support to assist with scheduling your rides.

Ambulatory Transport

Ambulatory Transport service is for individuals who can walk and safely transfer into a vehicle. Most importantly individuals using assist devices such as a walker or cane can benefit tremendously from our ambulatory transport service.

Wheelchair Transport

Wheelchair Transport service is for individuals who require mobile or manual wheelchairs to move around. Our Wheelchair accessible vans are equipped with wheelchairs and ADA approved Commercial Lifts to help load your chair securely into our vehicle. We provide prompt arrivals, friendly door-to-door service and very competitive rates.

School Transport

We assist school districts with rides for students in transition, early childhood students, and those with special needs. Whether your students need rides at odd times or locations, assistance with wheelchairs and special needs, or transport from non-traditional housing, we can ease your district’s burden. Some of our service capabilities include:

  • School pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Trained assistance for those with special needs and disabilities
  • Out-of-district transportation
  • Homeless student assistance under the McKinney-Vento Act
  • Wheelchair assistance

Private Pay

Envision Healthcare Service’s rates are based on the requirements and requests of our clients. Generally, transports consist of a base rate and a per-mile charge. Whether you need one-way or round-trip transport; give us a call and let us tailor the level of service that meets your needs and provide you a quote.

Benefits of Riding with Us:

  • Safe, Easy Wheelchair Access
  • Door-Through-Door Service
  • Certified & Trustworthy Drivers
  • Safe and Equipped Vehicles
  • Caregivers Are Allowed To Ride Along
  • Wheelchairs Available On vans
  • Safe & Drug-Free Environment


Handicap Accessible

Professional Drivers

Competitive Rates

Easy Scheduling