Our Therapy Services


Our Outpatient Therapy programs provide consultation, assessment and counseling services by mental health and substance abuse professionals. Regardless of presenting issues, age, gender, religion, ethnicity, race or sexual orientation, we provide everyone with quality care, dignity and respect. Our professional and client work together to address the client’s needs and goals from a person-centered and strengths-based perspective.

We provide Telehealth Services. Video appointments are available to allow Professionals to provide services to clients outside of the office. We began offering this service so that clients who struggle with obstacles such as time, mental health stigma, or transportation can more easily access services and maintain consistent therapeutic relationships.

Individual Therapy

The purpose of this face-to-face intervention is to assist the beneficiary in improving his or her emotional and behavioral functioning. Individual Therapy involves working on a one-on-one basis with a therapist to plan and to create positive changes in your life. Through individual therapy sessions, our therapists will work with you to develop a custom treatment plan that is person-centered, solution- focused and based on your specific goals, needs, and values. We will empower you with the tools and support so need so you can resolve your issues, gain confidence and break free from negative behavioral and thought patterns. The sessions may focus on current or past problems, experiences, thoughts, feelings, or relationships. This may involve learning new skills, trying out new behaviors, working through old issues, grieving, or letting go of things that no longer serve health or well-being.

Family Therapy

The purpose of Family Therapy is to improve the relationship of each family member to the others, so that the family progresses as a harmonious unit. Treatment is focused on changing the family dynamics and attempting to reduce and manage conflict. The goal of Family Therapy is to get family members to recognize and address the problem by establishing roles that promote individuality and autonomy, while maintaining a sense of family cohesion.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy assists a group of individuals, who are addressing similar issues, in improving their functioning. The group process allows members to offer each other support, share common experiences, identify strategies that have been successful for them, and to challenge each other’s behaviors and cognitions. These interpersonal interactions can provide group members an opportunity to deepen their level of self-awareness and to learn how they relate to others. Group Therapy can be a safe and supportive place to experiment with new ideas and ways of being.

School-Based Therapy

This program provides in-school support for the social-emotional development of students struggling with mental health or behavioral issues. These services are proven to help minimize disruptions in the classroom, help support the school community and use evidence-based practices to assist students in need.