Supervision Visits

Monthly supervision and support meetings are held between supervising caseworker and foster parent. This is an opportunity to discuss the needs of the child in placement and ensure the foster parent is able to progress the child’s care plan. Any concerns or difficulties are identified and discussed with an action plan. Caseworkers have responsibility for helping foster parent develop skills and identify training needs .

Unannounced Visits

All Envision Foster Parents receive at least one (we aim for two) unannounced visit(s) each year.

After Hours & On-Call Support

Our Foster Parents have access to our on-call service which is staffed by supervising Caseworkers 24 hours a days, 365  days a year.

Foster Parent Handbook

Envision has developed a comprehensive, but easy to understand Foster Parent Handbook that every approved foster parent has access to in order to aid them with their fostering task. The Handbook contains information on finance, legislation, complaints procedure, access to records, child protection, support, health and safety matters, and various other subjects relevant to foster parents and the task of caring for a young person.

Foster Parent Quarterly and Annual Reviews

All Foster Parents are reviewed on quarterly and annually basis, which is an opportunity to appraise the past quarter/year of their fostering career, setting new goals and actions for the quarter/year ahead. Training needs are identified, and a training plan agreed during annual reviews.

Foster Parent Support Group

Regular support groups are held in venues convenient for foster parents. These are groups where information can be shared, any issues can be raised with the agency and most importantly, Foster Parents can learn from and support each other.

***Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some group may be held virtually.

Resource Closet

The Resource Closet was established to support Foster Parents and children served by our programs. The Resource Closet offers free clothes, shoes, toys and accessories donated by community partnerships.

Family Events

Family Events occur throughout the year and are an opportunity to meet and socialize in a secure environment.


All Foster children are provided the opportunity to utilize Envision non-emergency medical transportation to all medical appointments. A foster parent is required to accompany the child on the ride to all medical appointments.

Therapy Services

Therapists are available to provide expert guidance and support to foster parent(s) and children who are experiencing emotional difficulties. Foster parents and children have the opportunity to participate in Individual, Family, and Group Therapy.


All Foster Parents are provided high-quality training to support them throughout their fostering career. Foster parents are provided the opportunity to identify training needs and develop a plan to keep them on task with achieving their goals.